Biograd Forest

Biograd Forest National Park ( Montenegrin name Biogradska gora ) is located in Montenegro, between the valleys of the rivers Lim and Tara. It houses the slopes and peaks of the mountains ( the highest point of 2139 meters on Mount Chrna-Glav ), a forest area of 16 km2, 6 alpine lakes of glacial origin. The total area of the park is 54 km2.

Biograd Forest

These edges were noticed by Prince Nicola, ordering in 1878 the intensive protection of these places. After that, the Biograd Forest became a protected area, it is often called the Princely Reserve. But the status of the national park was received only in 1952. On the lands of the park, one of the few untouched European forests has survived. The age of some trees is more than ten centuries, embroidered at 50 meters.

The heart of the national park is Lake Biograd - a unique decoration of these places. Local residents call it the mirror of the Biograd Forest, since everything around is imprinted in its depth. The lake is located on a low-lying plain with an altitude of 1,094 meters at the very foot of the Bright Mountains at an altitude of 1,094 meters. The lake came from glaciers. The length of the lake is approximately 2000 meters, and the width is 200 meters. The centuries-old trees reflected in it complement the unique and inspiring picture. There is a large amount of trout in the lake and the rivers around it.

Biograd Forest

The plant and animal world of the Biograd Forest is very diverse: more than 2,000 species of plants and approximately 200 species of birds will appear before the eyes of travelers. The most common: deer, chamois, boar, fox proteins. Extensive meadows, a huge number of lakes, fleeting mountain streams, ethnic buildings will leave few to be indifferent. The biograd forest is filled with history: <TAG1 coils> grazing place, equipped with a hut and a paddock (, excess, water mills, savardas ) bends with straw roofs and low walls (.

The park has everything for outdoor activities: boating, fishing, hiking, as well as a dozen climbing routes. Two routes for walking of medium difficulty are especially known. One of them allows you to see Shishko Lake, the other about 18 km long, which will take 5 hours to overcome. It is worth considering that fishing here is allowed on certain days – this is Sunday, Tuesday, as well as national holidays from May 1 to June 23.

Biograd Forest Biograd Forest Biograd Forest Biograd Forest Biograd Forest Biograd Forest
Biograd Forest - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 42.898056
Longitude: 19.601944


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