Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta - Sweden National Park, founded in 1962 and 1984 km in its territory2 is one of the largest parks in the country. Together with the national parks of Sarek and Abisku, Padhelanta forms the Lapland natural zone of Laponia, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Padjelanta National Park

Pagelanta National Park is a fairly open relief of the area, in which lakes Virihavre and Vastenzhavre are clearly visible, the latter is especially popular among visitors to the park. In Sweden it is called the most beautiful lake. The park has a very rich flora, in total there are more than 400 species of plants.

Nowadays, the park is inhabited by small indigenous Sami tribes, grouped in 3 villages: Duorbun, Zhakhkagasska and Sirges. Local residents are predominantly engaged in reindeer husbandry. The park management thought out many measures to protect the park and develop tourism infrastructure. The most popular route in the national park is Padjelantaden, with a length of more than 150 km, leading guests of Padhelanta through the small village of Kvikzhok, Akhka Mountains and other places worth seeing live. You can fly through the park at a very affordable price. Also, the path of Nordkalotrut, which in places crosses the path of Padjelantaden, will be of interest to travelers.

Padjelanta National Park

Throughout the park, there are cozy houses for guests in which you can find everything you need to wait out the bad weather or spend the night.

Padjelanta National Park Padjelanta National Park Padjelanta National Park Padjelanta National Park Padjelanta National Park Padjelanta National Park
Padjelanta National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 67.283333
Longitude: 17.7


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