Brief description of the country

Montenegro is a state of South-Eastern Europe with a population of over 620 thousand people and an area of more than 13,000 square kilometers, therefore it is considered the smallest country on the Balkan Peninsula.

In 2006, it gained independence, before that it was part of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, occupying almost more than 13% of the territory that is washed by the Adriatic Sea. The length of the coastline exceeds 70 kilometers; you can find a beach for any company.

The climate is mixed: temperate continental and Mediterranean. In summer, the maximum temperature rises to + 29 ° C, in winter on the coast it is not lower than + 11 ° C, in the mountains about -6 ° C. The swimming season starts in the middle of spring, the most favorable period for travel is May-October.

In addition to beach and mountain holidays, excursions to nature reserves, museums, and trips to small inhabited islands are popular in Montenegro. To rent a car, you must be over 21 years old, driving experience must be more than 2 years. As a memento of the trip, tourists take goat cheese and wine, figs or shells.

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