Giraffe Manor

Hotel Giraffe Manor is Kenya's most unique hotel. Located in the city of Nairobi on an area of 12 acres. A forest adjoins the hotel, where the giraffes of the rare rock "rotchild" freely walk around". These animals feel quite comfortable thanks to the nature conservation program that operates in this territory.

Giraffe Manor

The building was erected in 1932 by a certain Sir David Duncan. After a couple of decades, the estate was acquired by Jock Leslie-Melville. He and his wife created a fund to protect rare animals. The couple placed in the territory of two cubs of endangered giraffes, which later produced several dozen descendants of this breed. Thus, the endangered species of giraffes was saved. The name "rotschild" is similar to the name of the English zoologist Rothschild, who first described them. Representatives of this type of giraffe are the highest of their brothers, and of all mammals.

At this hotel, the main highlight today is the provision of a company for breakfast - pretty long-necked animals.

Giraffe Manor

Already traditionally at 9 a.m. their long necks are sewn into the windows of the Giraffe Manor Hotel in order to get a treat for breakfast. This feature attracts visitors, because you can feed and admire these animals without getting up from the table. Giraffes in gratitude are kindly photographed with guests of the institution.

These high residents of the adjacent territory will haunt you on the heels, and wake you up in the morning, looking into the – windows so they try to get delicious food.

So, without leaving the building, you can plunge into the world of animals and safari, and peace-loving animals will always be happy to "talk" with tourists.

About two hundred species of rare birds, antelopes, leopards, hyenas live in the park, and the original habitat is preserved for their existence. Animals can be watched throughout the day.

The Giraffe Manor Mansion is a model of typical English architecture and offers luxurious apartments. In the middle there are six cozy rooms, each interior is made in a classic style in an environment from the last century. The most important feature in the interior of each room is large windows from which you can consider the beauty of the adjacent territory.

There are always many people who want to spend time at the exotic hotel "Hiraf Manor", so you need to book a place in advance.

Many, having been here once, come again, becoming friends with the owners of this unusual hotel complex.

Giraffe Manor Giraffe Manor Giraffe Manor Giraffe Manor Giraffe Manor Giraffe Manor
Giraffe Manor - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -1.3756
Longitude: 36.7447


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