Aberdare National Park

Aberdare is Kenya's national park, located near the Aberder ridge in the central part of the country. It was founded in 1950 on a territory of 766 km2 160 km from Nairobi. Aberder has many different landscapes, as there are large elevation drops from 2100 meters to 4300.

Aberdare National Park

Mount Kenya is visible from the western border of the park. The highest point in the park of Mount Ol Doinio Lesatimakto ( 3999 meter ), the name of which from the Masai language translates as "the mountain of a young bull". The park is located on a volcanic fault, because of this the soil here has a reddish hue. The Kikuyu people believe that the god Ngai lives in the Aberder ridge.

The park is tightly intertwined with history, because here young Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen of Great Britain. She found out about this when she was sitting on a tree, so sometimes they say: "For the first time in world history, a young girl climbed a tree by a princess, and went down from him already as a queen". This tree was a hotel built in the branches of a huge ficus. Now the tree has burned down, and in its place a hotel has been built, copying the former hotel on the tree - "Tree's Top".

Aberdare National Park

Although Aberder Park is located next to the equator, the local mountains are more affected by the climate. It’s a little cooler, and morning fog fog makes the area of the park fabulously beautiful. In March - May and October - December, the rainy season passes here. Aberder is a kind of catchment for the rivers of the North and Central Basin. Also in the park there are wonderful waterfalls Keruru Kahuru and Gura 270 and 240 meters high, respectively, in the south side of the park and Chania Falls in the center of the park.

The fauna of the park can be seen during safari or from observation sites built near watering places or places of feeding animals. The main representatives of fauna are: leopard, lion, many species of monkeys, elephant, wild boar, surf. In addition to them, over 250 varieties of birds live here, many of which are very rare, or live only in Aberder Park, including Aberdar cystokols, eagles, Jackson Francophilines, African teterevatines, nectarines, putty hawks and rusts.

Guests of the park can settle in 2 hotels - one in the shape of a house made of wood, the other built in the likeness of Noah's ark. The territory of the park is open from 6 to 19 hours. You can get to the park from the nearest cities of Nakuru and Naivasha. From entertainment in the park are safari, camping, fishing, watching animals, mountain climbing, walking.

Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park
Aberdare National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -0.38
Longitude: 36.699167


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