Gongwangfu is often called the palace of Prince Gong, the attraction is located in Beijing. The palace is a complex of buildings that amaze with their beauty and cultural heritage. Millions of people from all over the world visit Guna Palace every year. Local residents are proud of the fact that the palace is famous not only in China, but throughout the world.



The construction of Gongwangfu was completed in 1776 by order of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. According to the ruler’s plan, the object was to become his main residence, where he would receive honored guests and hold various celebrations. The emperor died unexpectedly, after his death turmoil began in China, opponents of the Qin dynasty accused Qianlong of corruption and embezzlement of the state treasury, it was decided to confiscate the Gongwangfu Palace and transfer it to another representative of the Qin dynasty, Aisingero.

However, the palace did not remain with him for long, moving from the hands of one ruler to the hands of another. This continued until Gongwangfu was captured by Yixinyu, who bore the title of “Grand Duke Gong.” It was during his reign that the landmark acquired its final appearance, which has survived to this day. Nowadays, the palace is a very revered and carefully protected place throughout China. By decision of the Chinese government, the palace was included in the list of cultural heritage monuments. Monastic services and solemn Chinese holidays are often held here, and sometimes exhibitions of local Chinese artists are held on the territory of the palace complex.


Architectural features

It should be noted that Gongwangfu is one of the largest monuments of Chinese culture that has survived to this day, its area is more than 60,000 square meters, and on the territory itself there is a whole complex of buildings, of which there are more than 40. The size of the palace is second only to another palace - the Sacred Temple of Gugun.

On the territory of the palace there is a unique museum, for the opening of which antiques were bought en masse throughout China. The museum displays a collection of old things - various paintings, tools, Chinese household items and various imperial robes. Unfortunately, many of the museum's items were sold to Europe, including unique vases, bowls, sacred texts and many other things. All these exhibits are now located in the best museums in Europe. The palace workers did a colossal job of restoring the palace - they began to return it to its original appearance with the help of plans and maps found by scientists.

There is also a theater on the territory of the complex, which can accommodate more than 200 spectators. Performances and performances of the Beijing Opera, circus and other special events are regularly held here. The Gongwangfu palace complex is a unique ancient structure where you can feel like an old Chinese resident. Unique exhibits, unique architecture of buildings are presented here, and you have the opportunity to attend one of the events that are often held here.

Gongwanfu Gongwanfu Gongwanfu Gongwanfu Gongwanfu Gongwanfu
Gongwanfu - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 39.936533
Longitude: 116.379314


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