National Park Gates of Hell National Park Gates of Hell National Park Gates of Hell National Park Gates of Hell

National Park Gates of Hell

Gates of Hell - Kenya National Park, founded in 1984 and covering an area of 68 km2, being almost the smallest national park in Africa. The main landscapes of the park are the columns "Tower of Fisher" and "Central Tower", as well as the gorge "Gates of Hell". Also, 3 campsites, the Masai Cultural Center, were built in the park, in which visitors to the park are told about the life and life of the Masai tribe.

The name of the park was given by a small passage in the rocks, which used to be an influx of ancient lake in the rift plain. The passage itself was given the name in 1883 by scientists Thomson and Fisher. In the National Park of the Gates of Hell, you can still find traces of the eruption of the Longonot volcano, which was back in the early 20th century. In 1981, the Olkaria geothermal station, which receives energy from geysers and hot springs, was rebuilt here.

In the Gates of Hell park you can find many animals, the most common ones include: daman, buffalo, zebra, Thomson gazelle, baboon, cann’t antelope, congoni, you can less often see a lion, cheetah, leopard. Here lives a rare bird of warts, as well as more than a hundred representatives of birds, among which are: Kafr Eagle, mowing, rocky mowing, vulture.

The National Park of the Gates of Hell is popular among travelers, thank you for your proximity to the capital of Nairobi, and the entrance to the park is cheaper. From entertainment for the guests of the park you can also ride bicycles and motorbikes around the territory. Water sports enthusiasts should sail by boat on Lake Naivasha, watching the birds that have flooded the lake.

National Park Gates of Hell - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -0.915833
Longitude: 36.313333


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