Saint Cloud Park Saint Cloud Park Saint Cloud Park Saint Cloud Park

Saint Cloud Park

Saint-Cloud Park – is a magnificent park that is located in France near its capital, namely in a city called Saint-Clou. Its area is approximately 460 ha. Saint-Clou Park is a favorite vacation spot for both residents and its guests. Various events are often held in this area, including retro car exhibitions, as well as song festivals.

In the territory of the modern park in the 16th century, a castle was erected, which was originally managed by the Gondi family, which was a Florentine banker. After some time, during religious wars, Henry III settles here, whom the monk Jacques Clement killed. In 1701, the castle belonged to Philip of Orleans, who was brother Louis XIV. Very big changes occurred in the palace when they were ruled by the wife of Louis XVI.

There are some historical important events related to Saint-Clou Park. It was here that Napoleon received the imperial title in 1804. In 1892, when the war with the Prussian army broke out, the local castle was very damaged, and over time it was completely destroyed.

Nowadays, the park looks very well-groomed, and its entire territory is divided into terraces. The decoration of the palace terrace is the thicket pyramids, sheared samishite, as well as beautiful roses. A terrace called « The theater of crystal jets » is endowed with sculptures of various mythical heroes, but the highlight of this territory is a fountain, which has 24 jets.

The program of guests of the park necessarily includes its highest point, where the lane track leads. Here, on the top of Saint-Clou Park, panoramic views of the Seine, as well as the capital of France itself, open.

Nature lovers will also be able to assess the beauty of the park, because a large number of plants are growing here, among which are shrubs: magony, padubas, hydrangeas, drests; deciduous trees: poplars, beeches, firuses and many others. Saint-Clou has coniferous trees, which are a necessary complement to natural landscapes. The local paths, generously sprinkled with small gravel, look very cute.

Saint-Clou Park became famous for cycling, which for the first time in the world ( 1868. ) committed precisely on its territory. All interested bicycle owners took part in the competition, overcoming 2 km distance.

Every year, starting in 2003, a famous festival called « Rock on the Seine » is held in Saint-Clou Park.

Saint Cloud Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 48.8375
Longitude: 2.214722


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