National Park Lake Nakuru

Nakuru Lake is a national park in Central Kenya, about 140 kilometers southwest of Nairobi, near the city of Nakuru. The territory of the park is 188 km2. Initially, the birds reserve was organized on Lake Nakuru, which in 1968 became a national park.

National Park Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru became a refuge for 13 species of birds on the verge of destruction, as well as for many other birds. Especially striking in Nakuru are the most huge flocks with pink flamingos. Sometimes up to one and a half million flamingos arrive on lakes for feeding. They are attracted to algae, and the beta-carotene contained in them gives them a pink color.

There are a lot of carbonates and bicarbonates in the water of Lake Nakuru, because of this it is oversalted. Such a habitat is extremely aggressive for many organisms, but some have been able to adapt to environmental conditions. In water, you can find 6 varieties of phytoplankton. The lake is dominated by spirulina algae, due to which water from the shore becomes dark green, as well as impenetrable and sticky. This algae is the basis for the entire biological chain in the lake, containing large quantities of protein and beta-carotene. Zooplankton, rowers, insect larvae, oar-footed cancers feed on water.

National Park Lake Nakuru

The territory of the park of Lake Nakuru was expanded to preserve the rarest black rhino, for this they even fenced the territory from poachers. But all attempts to keep it were in vain - on November 10, 2013, the black rhino of West Africa was officially declared an extinct species. On the southeast side, the park is adjacent to the conservation area, which is the only passage for animals to Lake Naivasha. Here you can meet the Ugandan giraffe taken to these lands for security from western Kenya in 1977. Often there is a water goat, buffalo, warthog, giraffe. Thompson's gazelle, a rhunka, from predators you can meet lions and leopards.

The landscapes of the park are very beautiful, acacia forests grow on the shore, after which endless green plains and mountain ranges begin. In addition to pink flamingos in the National Park, Lake Nakuru meets a large number of other birds. Among the thickets of trees, you can notice the Eagle Eagle, the Zpolin heron, the Molotovaglava, the small winter-freak, the Kafr Eagle, the cormorant, the pelican.

A variety of expensive loggias have been built for the guests of the park, campsites are suitable for budget holidays. You can only move the pawn at observation sites.

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National Park Lake Nakuru - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -0.366667
Longitude: 36.083333


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