Brief description of the country

Kenya is considered the most economically developed country in East Africa. It is a former British colony that gained independence in 1963. The name of the state is translated as "white mountain". The top of Mount Kenya is covered in snow and shrouded in clouds. The locals call it sacred.

Kenya is considered a leader in the creation of National Parks. Here you can see giraffes, lions and rhinoceroses even within the metropolis. The territory of the state is covered with natural attractions that delight mountain landscapes. You can sunbathe on the beaches of the Indian Ocean.

It's always warm in Kenya. When planning a trip, keep in mind that it often rains all spring. There is little rainfall in summer. In winter, the weather is clear, so in December the influx of tourists begins. Vegetable food predominates in the national cuisine. But they also roast meat from goats and birds. Serve with potato or vegetable stew. Natural coffee and coconut milk are very popular.

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