Irazú Volcano National Park

Irazú Volcano is a Costa Rica national park based on the eponymous active volcano, whose height is 3432 meters. The name of the park comes from 2 Indian words - su ( thunder ) and ara ( point ). The volcano is quite active and erupted every 50 years.

Irazú Volcano National Park

For one period, the volcano did not erupt to Iran for more than a hundred years and people lost their vigilance, the mountain was covered with vegetation, built houses on the slopes, and at the foot the city of Cartago appeared - the former capital of Costa Rica. An unexpected eruption occurred that burned the city. The name of the volcano also entered its eruption in many history textbooks on March 13, 1963, when US President John F. Kennedy arrived in Costa Rica.

Over the lanschapft, mountains of Iran tried well to erupts volcanoes. There are 3 craters in total. In one of them, a lake with an amazing ability to a depth of about 100 meters was formed in Diego de la Aya. Depending on the time of day and lighting, the lake has different colors, which entails a lot of travelers to the crater. From the top of the volcano, stunning views of the surroundings open. In addition, from some places you can see the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Irazú Volcano National Park

Due to the abundance of animals and vegetation, a national park was opened here to Iran. It is worth considering that at times the sun is rather cool and shining heavily, so it is worth taking warm clothes and sunscreen. In addition, the air here is discharged, which can cause dizziness in unprepared people. The park has all the amenities: cafes, hotels.

Irazú Volcano National Park Irazú Volcano National Park Irazú Volcano National Park Irazú Volcano National Park Irazú Volcano National Park Irazú Volcano National Park
Irazú Volcano National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 9.98
Longitude: -83.85


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