Volcano Poas National Park

Vulcan Poas is a Costa Rica national park, founded in 1971 at the country's most active volcano on an area of 65 km2. The height of the volcano itself is 2708 meters. He strikes with his entertainment.

Volcano Poas National Park

The volcano has a huge crater with a diameter of 2 km, and the depth is almost three hundred places. At the bottom of the crater, a hot lake with a temperature in places reaching 95 ° C broke off. It’s hard to breathe at the top of the volcano, as poisonous sulfur and acid fumes are in the air.

The first fixation of the eruption of the Poas volcano was in 1747. Since then, he has shown his strength another 60 times, the strongest of which happened in 1910, when a large pole of ash has risen to a height of 8 km.

Volcano Poas National Park

In the southeastern part of the volcano on is a secondary crater – Botos, active for at least 8 centuries. An amazing lake with a diameter of 400 meters, with pretty cool water, formed on its plane.

Poas Park presents a rather larger variety of flora and fauna. In the warehouses of the volcano you can find magnolia, and in the foothills many varieties of orchids grow. But most plants due to acid rain near the volcano cannot grow to their normal size. Among the vegetation there are many feathered, such as: quetzals, hummingbirds, tanagers,birds, flytraps and toucans. In the vicinity you can meet: coyota, skunk, affection, gray mountain squirrel, armadillo. In tropical forests on the slopes of the volcano, many species on the verge of extinction are hidden from people: furrow cutters, quesals, and Graybirds.

In 1989 and 1994, the water in the crater of the volcano all evaporated, which made cases of acid rain more frequent, causing real attack. Almost all the vegetation near the Poas volcano died, local residents had difficulty breathing, and metal structures quickly rusted.

Volcano Poas National Park Volcano Poas National Park Volcano Poas National Park Volcano Poas National Park Volcano Poas National Park Volcano Poas National Park
Volcano Poas National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 10.198
Longitude: -84.231


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