Corcovado National Park is located in southern Costa Rica off the Pacific. It is a humid tropical alpine forest with an area of 54,500 hectares and 2,400 hectares of the ocean. In order to preserve flora and fauna, in 1975 a decision was made by the Central American authorities to assign the status of a national park to the area. After that, all industrial work and animal hunting were prohibited.


Korkovado Park is very beautiful, civilization almost did not touch it. The presence of mankind here is reminiscent of only the length of the hiking trails and a couple of foresters huts.

On the shores of the ocean, mighty waves wash trees that cling with all their might to the sand, around a mountain of shells. Here there is a struggle of land plants with marine elements. But going deeper into the forest, a completely different picture with a riot of vegetation – evergreen thickets of the jungle, lions and tall trees seems. On the territory of the park there are eight zones – from marshy plains to alpine forests. There are about 500 species of trees, the largest of them is cotton wood, reaching up to 70 meters in height.


Corcovado Park has a very rich and diverse world of plants and animals. This place is the best for observing wild animals living in a given territory. In Korkovado, there are about 400 species of feathered inhabitants, 140 species of mammals, including: jaguars, bears, sloths, monkeys. There are tens of thousands of insects. Amphibians and reptiles – about 116 species, among which is a glass frog, which is known for seeing its internal organs, putting it on a glass surface. Animals threatened with extinction live here. – these are jaguars, cougars, crocodiles, Ara parrots, tapirs, poisonous wood pelvis.

It is here that vacationers can see a rare animal tapir. All members of the fauna are under supervision and protection.

The sights of Corcovado are the cave of Salsipuedes. She was aware that the treasures of the navigator Francis Drake were stored here. Gold diggers almost destroyed the local beauty, and in 1986 it was forbidden to excavate.

Fans of extreme sensations can take a walk, going on a night walk through the jungle or going to the abode of deadly snakes.

The best time to travel is December-April, when the dry season prevails.

Corcovado Corcovado Corcovado Corcovado Corcovado Corcovado
Corcovado - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 8.55
Longitude: -83.583333


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