Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park is located in Croatia, consists of 14 islands and reefs located in the Adriatic Sea, about 2 km from the west coast of the Istrian Peninsula. They founded the park on October 27, 1983, but the current borders received current current in 1999. At the moment, the park area is 34 km2. The largest islands in the Big archipelago ( 5.7 km2) and Small Briun ( 1.7 km2).

Brijuni National Park

The islands have a large layer of reddish, as well as a temperate climate and high humidity, which allows the island to grow subtropical plants. This greatly distinguishes Brijuna from the rest of the Adriatic. There are a large number of pines, oaks, there are also laurels, rosemary, olives, cedar, eucalyptus, oleander. The forests here are considered one of the most attractive in Croatia. The sea in Brijun is clean, sea urchins testify to this, since they cannot live in dirty water.

Brijunas began to populate for a very long time, back in 3000 BC during the early bronze period. The island passed from hand to hand. At different times, they had Celts, Byzantines, Ostgots, Illyrians, and by itself could not have been without the Romans. Each of the peoples preserved part of their culture on the island.

Brijuni National Park

In the 19th century, the archipelago bought steel magnate Paul Kupelweiser for 100,000 Austrian marks, which wanted to turn the island into a prestigious resort. To do this, all the swamps were drained on the island and Robert Koch, an unknown scientist who remained on the island until the end of his life, was attracted to destroy mosquitoes. Hotels were built on the island, beaches were arranged, a magnificent park, golf and tennis fields were built, as well as an hippodrome and a wine cellar.

Brijuni National Park Brijuni National Park Brijuni National Park Brijuni National Park Brijuni National Park Brijuni National Park
Brijuni National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.914167
Longitude: 13.755833


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