Stryiskyi Park

Stryysky Park is a stunning beauty park in Lviv, designed back in 1876 by Arnold Rering. The park attracts attention with its toll alleys, a lake with swans and a large number of pavilions and plants.

Stryiskyi Park

Stryysky Park covers an area of 56 hectares. The park represents a deep valley along the bottom of which the Soroka River flows, so the entire territory is divided into 3 parts: the upper terrace, on the slopes there is a forest park area, and below the lower ground area. In total, more than 200 species of various plants, climber, greenhouse and alleys planted with lindens and patches are found in the park.

There are many posts in the park, so in 1894 a lot of exhibition pavilions were built here for the "Royal Exhibition", and a narrow gauge railway was extended from the Persenkovka railway station, which in 1951 was used in the construction of the Lviv Children's Railway. With the advent of Soviet power, the park’s area increased by adjacenting wastelands, fenced everything and planted with new trees and bushes. In 1960, a wide-format cinema "Lviv" was built in Strysky Park".

Stryiskyi Park

In 1894, the first football match in the history of Ukraine was held here. Before the war, the Sokol-Otets football stadium functioned, and in 2004 a monument to Ukrainian football was erected near this place. On weekends, a lot of newlyweds come to Strysky Park, and the suitors first of all run to this monument. The park often hosts various events and cultural events.

Stryysky Park is pleased to rest at any time of the year. In winter, children run here to play snowballs and build snow fortresses, in spring lie on fresh grass among flowering shrubs and flowers stretches in love. In summer, a lot of citizens will run to rest in the park after work, and in the fall you can observe how the golden autumn comes, changing the outfit of trees from green to yellow.

Stryiskyi Park Stryiskyi Park Stryiskyi Park Stryiskyi Park Stryiskyi Park Stryiskyi Park
Stryiskyi Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 49.82
Longitude: 24.03


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