Brief description of the country

Ukraine ranks 34th in terms of population in the world, because here, on an area of ​​more than 603 thousand square kilometers, over 41 million people live. Kyiv is recognized as the capital, the official language is Ukrainian, modern Ukrainians are considered descendants of the ancient Slavs.

Independence of Ukraine was proclaimed in 1991. The name of the state in translation from the Old Russian language means "border region", some historians are sure that the name of the state comes from the word edge.

The climate differs from location: in the north, winters are cold and long, and summers are dry and hot, in the south, winters are short and mild, summers are humid and hot. It is best to visit Ukraine in May, June or September, the weather is favorable, and the street is not as crowded as during the holidays.

Travelers are interested in the history of the emergence of the state, beach holidays in the resorts of the Black and Azov Seas. Many dolphinariums, water parks are open, the Askania-Nova nature reserve is popular, where you can look at zebras, antelopes, camels and other animals.

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