Pidhirtsi Castle

Pidhirtsi Castle is a delightful palace in the Lviv region, made in the style of late Renaissance. Together with the Zolochevsky and Olessky castle, it creates the "Golden horseshoe of Ukraine". The castle was used as decorations for the movie "D’Artagnan and Three Musketeers".

Pidhirtsi Castle

Podgoretsky castle is designed in the form of a square surrounded by protective fortifications from the west, east and south, as well as a moat with water. The first mention of fortifications in this place dates back to 1530, but the castle in its current form began to be built only in 1633. After these lands were acquired by Stanislav Konetspolsky - the hetman of the Commonwealth. The architect Guillaume Levasser, Andrea del Aqua, designed the fortifications of the palace, while the construction itself began in 1635 and lasted until 1640. During this time, all fortifications and a square palace with a platform to reflect probable attacks were built. You could get into the castle by passing a huge arch. The first noble guest of the castle was the Polish king Vladislav IV, for whom they even arranged a salute. Quiet life of the castle ceased in 1648, when the uprising of Bogdan Khmelnitsky began. During the fighting, the castle received severe damage, which began to be eliminated only in 1656, but already in 1688 Podgoretsky Castle was seriously damaged in the tatar.

In 1720, the palace was bought by Stanislav Rzhevsky, together with the castle of Stanislav, the nearest villages also went. In 1728, a complete alteration of the castle began, during which the third floor was attached to the two-story palace, and premises were added, and the Getman race was built for the guests of the castle. Vaclav Rzhevsky - the son of Stanislav collected many paintings and old weapons in the castle. After the death of Wenceslas, the castle changes several owners and slowly falls into decay. The last owner of the castle was Yevstakhi Sangushko, who carried out the restoration of the castle in 1867-1903. With the advent of Soviet power, Podgoretsky Castle became a museum, during the Great Patriotic War the castle suffered significantly, and the property was looted. In 1949, the castle was given under a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, only in 1997 it was given to the Lviv Art Gallery.

Pidhirtsi Castle

Interior at one time hit all guests. Each hall had a name: Rizarsky, Chinese, Mirror, Green, Mosaic. All rooms had copies of paintings by famous Western artists, portraits of the owners of Podgoretsky Castle, paintings by artist Jacob de Baan, Chekhovich. The dining room was decorated with portraits of famous politicians. No less impressive is the park at the castle, made in Italian style. Its landscape is thought out to the smallest detail, creating a single composition with a castle.

Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi Castle Pidhirtsi Castle
Pidhirtsi Castle - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 49.943225
Longitude: 24.983575


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