Shevchenkovsky Guy

Shevchenkovsky Guy is an amazing open-air museum in Lviv that collected household items and ancient buildings from 6 ethnographic zones of Ukraine.

Shevchenkovsky Guy

The museum is located in the Znesenie landscape park, covering a huge area of 60 hectares. The entire area of the Shevchenkovsky Guy Museum is divided into 6 ethnic zones, depending on the culture they represent: Boykovskaya, Podolsk, Gutsul, Volyn-Podol, Lemkovskaya, Gutsul. In total, 124 architectural monuments from Western Ukraine, combined into 54 estates, are presented in Shevchenkovsky Gaya. Among the exhibits you can see the huts of peasants, sawmill, forge, suknovalnya, mills and more than 20,000 household items. There are 6 churches in Shevchenkovsky Gaya, one of which became the first in the museum's collection.

In the 1920s, residents of the village of Krivko built a new church, and the old church of St. Nicholas, built back in 1763, decided to make out. Then Ukrainian art critic Mikhail Dragan told them to wait, and he himself requested Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky to keep the church for the future museum. In 1930, according to the leadership of Dragan, they dismantled the church and gathered it already in Lviv, thus contributing to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. In 2013, the museum received a UNESCO grant to improve tourist attractiveness.

Shevchenkovsky Guy

On December 1, 2016, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Lviv was given the name of the blessed Clementius of Sheptitsky and is now officially called the "Climentius of Folk Architecture and Life".

Walking through the well-groomed hilly landscape of the museum, considering ancient buildings, will be pleasant for both adults and children. Having visited the Shevchenkovsky Gai Museum, you can feel the whole color and culture of the Ukrainian village. The museum often has holidays, contests, they teach to play ancient musical instruments, cook soap, bake bread in the oven, weave fabric.

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Shevchenkovsky Guy - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 49.844603
Longitude: 24.065628


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