Dam Three Gorges

The Chinese dam « Three Gorges » is the largest building of its kind in the whole world. The construction of the dam began in 1992 and lasted at least 17 years. This huge concrete structure on the Yangtze River reaches the level of a 60-story house and is the most powerful power plant on the entire planet. The « Three Gorges » dam is a kind of yet another symbol of the heavens.

Dam Three Gorges

The dam stretches for two kilometers. For its construction, a lot of work of 40 thousand workers over 17 years was needed. It produces at least 20 thousand mW of electricity, which is approximately twice the total output of all power plants in the UK of nuclear origin. To build such a brilliant design, a lot of experience was needed, which was taken during the construction of other power plants, each of which contains the latest technologies and unique building solutions.

Even before the workers took up the overwhelming work of erecting the dam, the entire riverbed, 2 km wide, was set aside, for which more than 1 million were resettled from this territory. inhabitants.

Dam Three Gorges

The « Three Gorges » dam is the largest hydraulic project that belongs to the majestic facilities of the world. For its construction, 28 million cubic meters were spent. concrete. The dam during a severe flood is able to retain the enormous amount of water that is produced under control thanks to a special system.

Recently, it has become apparent that managing – water is not such an easy process, because this is accompanied by undesirable processes in the environmental field.

More than 500 million tons of sludge are harvested annually in the dam design. If he continued to accumulate, then the surrounding lands would cease to bring crops, and the dam itself would be in danger of existence. To avoid this kind of problem, engineers developed a system for the discharge of sludge.

Tourists, admire the dam of the Three Gorges, can from Mount Tanzi, from where a magnificent view of the whole huge architecture opens. Nearby is the Yellow Vol Rock, which is shrouded in a large number of different legends. There is a museum nearby, an ecological garden is located, and the old Juanlin Temple is also located.

Dam Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges
Dam Three Gorges - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 30.828333
Longitude: 111.009722


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