Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - US National Park in Arizona, spread over 4927 km2. In this old park is the Great Canyon of the Colorado River, which many recognized as a natural miracle of the world.

Grand Canyon

The first Europeans to visit these places were conquistadors from Spain in 1540. After 3 centuries, scientists came here who sailed the Grand Canyon on boats and compiled a detailed map of the area. In 1908, the Grand Canyon was declared a national monument, and already in 1919 received the status of a national park. All this was done to prevent the construction of the dam on the Colorado River. Grand Canyon perfectly combines its magnificent gorges, deep canyons, multi-colored rocks.

The channel of the Colorado River is very unusual, which has been formed for millions of years. Previously, the river flowed evenly across the plain, but over time, the plateau on which the river was located began to rise slowly. The river became increasingly swift until the rocks began to collapse. At first, limestone rock was destroyed, then sandstone with a slate. For ten million years, the river washed two kilometers of rocks, forming the Great Canyon. In its current form, the canyon fascinates: in some places the Grand Canyon opens its arms, showing the beauty of the floating Colorado River, in other places the canyon is narrow and then its cliffs attract a dizzying height and false near of the slopes. On the walls of the Grand Canyon you can find the remains of the oldest fossil shellfish, caves, cave paintings by the Indians. The Indians have long been interested in the Great Canyon, here they prayed to their gods.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon can visit anyone. For the guests of the park, many observation platforms have been built, from which breathtaking views of the canyon open. For those who want to stay here longer, they can use the services of hotels. Visitors can take advantage of hiking trails or drive on a mule to familiarize themselves with the nature of the canyon. Adjectives can sail in boats along the Colorado River. Grand Canyon National Park is visited by over 2 million visitors a year, and it is considered the most visited park, along with Zion Park and Bryce Canyon.

In the Grand Canyon National Park, you can find several ecosystems, including deserts and forests. The plant and animal world of the park is very rich and has over one and a half thousand plants with more than 350 species of birds, 90 mammals and almost 50 representatives of reptiles. In the national park, huge temperature drops - if the canyon is 15 degrees heat on top, then in the lower reaches it can reach 40 degrees.

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 36.0575
Longitude: -112.1375


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