Vikos Aoos National Park

Vikos-Aoos National Park is located in the northern part of Greece, on the border with Albania. This is a unique place where mountain landscapes, canyons, rivers and rich flora and fauna are combined. In 2005, the park was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Vikos Aoos National Park


The park covers an area of more than 12,000 hectares and includes the Pindos mountain range, which is one of the highest in Greece. Here you can see the Vikos Canyon, which is considered one of the deepest in the world, as well as the Aoos River, which flows along the bottom of the canyon. The length of the Vikos gorge is 20 km, and the elevation changes range from 450 to 1600 meters. The width in some places is only 2 meters, and the maximum width is 400 meters. The Vikos canyon is subject to rockfalls due to the steep slopes. In the Vikos-Aoos park there is Mount Timfti, which has 3 peaks: Gamila 2497 meters, Astraka 2436 meters, Gura 2467 meters. Also in this mountain there are quite deep caves of Epos (451 meters) and Provatina (408 meters). On the top of Gamila there is a lake Drakolimni, which translates as Dragon Lake. According to the legends, the dragons fought among themselves, throwing huge rocks and trees, thus forming a bizarre landscape. The lake itself occupies 1 hectare, and the depth is 5 meters.

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna of Vikos-Aoos Park is rich and varied. Many species of rare and unique animals live here, such as brown bear, wolf, lynx, royal eagle and many others. Also here you can see many types of plants, including perennial grasses, trees and shrubs. In total, there are about 1800 species of plants and 24 species of animals, 133 species of birds, and an abundance of trout in the rivers.

Vikos Aoos National Park

Vikos-Aoos Park is a popular destination for tourists who come here to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, walk along the trails and visit the many attractions. One of the most popular attractions is the Meteora Monastery, which is located on top of a cliff and is one of the most famous monasteries in Greece.

You can also visit many villages and towns in the park, where you can get acquainted with the local culture and traditions. One of the most interesting villages is Papigo, which is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful view of the mountains and the valley.

Vikos-Aoos Park has many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can go hiking, cycling, and rafting on the Aoos River. Also here you can visit many ski resorts, which are located in the mountains of Pindos.

Overall, Vikos-Aoos Park is a unique place that combines beautiful mountain scenery, rich flora and fauna, as well as many opportunities for outdoor activities. This is a place worth visiting for anyone interested in the nature and culture of Greece.

Vikos Aoos National Park Vikos Aoos National Park Vikos Aoos National Park Vikos Aoos National Park Vikos Aoos National Park Vikos Aoos National Park
Vikos Aoos National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 39.969444
Longitude: 20.728333


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