Odessa Botanical Garden

In Odessa, on an area of 16 hectares, there is a very old botanical garden, in which over 3,000 species of various plants grow. The collection of the garden is constantly updated thanks to scientists who are launching new varieties and studying plants for their dissertations.

Odessa Botanical Garden

The first botanical garden was laid in 1820 behind the Kulikovo field under Governor General Alexander Langeron, while he planted a seeder of the very first tree in the garden. In those days, festive partying was held in the botanical garden, playing tennis, riding horses. In 1865, the university was opened and after 2 years, professors Yanovich and Tsenkovsky insisted on the construction of an greenhouse. In 1880, the garden was moved to the old cottage of the Rischeliev Lyceum. There quickly erected greenhouse workers from 2 halls with a warm and cool climate. Based on this, the plant planting order was made, but when L. became the control garden. AND. Rishavi, then he mixed all the plants.

The university management did not want to develop the botanical garden and he slowly began to become infected. With the advent of Soviet power, they came to the conclusion that it is necessary to reorganize the university into 3 different universities in order to give citizens a good education. So the garden remained orphaned, everything changed in 1923 when Professor D headed the garden. ABOUT. Svirenko, who revived the garden and secured funding for the Odessa Botanical Garden from the state. In 1926, under the direction of Professor Lipsky V. I. The garden became a research institute at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Here they were engaged in acclimatization of plants, studied in what ways you can get agar-agar.

Odessa Botanical Garden

The Second World War had a bad effect on the state of the botanical garden of Odessa, there were practically no whole trees and shrubs, for this reason it was restored again. After the war, all scientific work was directed to the landscaping of the city and to the cultivation of trees, bushes and flowers for it. In 1948, the botanical garden was given land on French Boulevard 48/50. After that, the total occupied territory amounted to 16 hectares. Almost every type of plant in the garden has an information plate where you can emphasize a lot of interesting information for yourself. Walking through the botanical garden of Odessa you can plunge into the atmosphere of rainforests, taiga, steppes, breathe fresh air, which is so lacking in large cities.

Odessa Botanical Garden Odessa Botanical Garden Odessa Botanical Garden Odessa Botanical Garden Odessa Botanical Garden Odessa Botanical Garden
Odessa Botanical Garden - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 46.441944
Longitude: 30.768889


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