Arizona crater Arizona crater Arizona crater Arizona crater

Arizona crater

The Arizona crater – is a huge trail that left a fallen meteorite. It is located in the United States of Arizona. The crater attracts many tourists, although it is not the largest on the entire planet, but with all the craters, it has been preserved the best. Also, the crater is called - the canyon of the devil.

This natural attraction is presented in the form of a huge bowl, the diameter of which is 1200 m., And the depth is at least 180 m.

Scientists have established that the Arizona crater appeared here a variant 50 thousand years ago, as a result of the fall of a meteorite to Earth, the dimensions of which exceeded 50 meters. According to researchers, this huge facility, whose weight was approximately 300 thousand tons, landed at a speed of 45-60 thousand km per hour.

Previously, there was an opinion that the current volcano served as the basis for the formation of this crater, but in 1902 a specialist from Philadelphia made a statement that this huge funnel in the earth's crust arose, as a result of a collision with a meteorite. The scientist spent as much as 26 years finding the meteorite itself. To do this, he acquired land allotment here and began drilling. The researcher did not get to the meteorite, but, nevertheless, his efforts were taken into account, since the statement was confirmed by one of the world's leading experts in comets and meteorisms – Eugene Shumeiker.

Tourists are always interested in such places that are full of secrets and legends. Here, at the very edge of the crater, there is a museum where visitors are presented for a photo on this topic. It is easy to believe that these photographs were not taken near the building in which they are saved, but indeed have a « lunar » origin.

The Arizona crater – is an amazing natural attraction throughout Arizona, which is visited by a large number of tourists. To increase the number of visitors, local residents have many different stories about this area, including UFOs, as well as anomalies in the center of the crater itself.

Arizona crater - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 35.027222
Longitude: -111.022778


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