Park Guell

Park Guell is the most famous park not only in Barcelona, but throughout Spain. Initially, he was conceived as a green zone for new buildings, for which he was attracted by the most famous architect at that time - Antonio Gaudi, who also built the Sagrada Familia.

Park Guell

In 1901, construction began with the purchase of 15 hectares of land. But out of 62 plots for houses, only 2 were bought, all because the territory was far from the city center. The construction of the park was divided into 3 stages. To begin with, the hillsides were strengthened, then roads were built here and finally a famous winding bench was lined up in 1910-1913. The bench was given a special form, for this Gaudi put the worker on a dried clay and took the bending imprint of his back for the shape of the bench.

There are several houses in the park: the house of lawyer M. Triasu-i-Domeneku, who is a friend of Gaudi, the house of Gaudi, which he was advised to buy due to the lack of buyers, as well as the house of Eusebi Guell himself. In 1910, Guell made his residence here, in our time there is a school in it, and his museum of the architect was formed in the house of Guell. Due to the lack of payback of this project, the heirs of Guell had to sell the territory of the City Hall of Barcelona.

Park Guell

The first attractions of the park can be seen at the entrance - these are bizarre houses. One of them adorns the five-beam cross, the park administration is located in it, and in the second you can see the mushroom. Walking along the front staircase you can get into the "Hall of a hundred columns", although there are only 86 of them. The hall is a good acoustics, so it is sometimes used by local musicians. The flow is very unusual, like any building by Gaudi. In Guell Park you can see one of the symbols of Barcelona - the mosaic salamander.

In Guell Park, many lovely fountains and wonderful mosaic patterns of ceramics come across my eyes. All elements of the park are unique, they can not be found anywhere else on the planet.

Park Guell Park Guell Park Guell Park Guell Park Guell Park Guell
Park Guell - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.413611
Longitude: 2.152778


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