Komodo National Park Komodo National Park Komodo National Park Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

Komodo is a national park, the location of which is the Indonesian archipelago, which belongs to the Small Zond Islands. The main goal of creating the reserve in 1980 – is to save the population of dragons from this island, which are huge lizards of varan. Komodo Natural Park is also protected by UNESCO.

The rarest animals in honor of which the park was organized are the direct heirs of predatory lizards who disappeared from Earth 160 million years ago.

The territory of Komodo Park includes the islands, among which the island of Komodo, which is the largest. The landscape of this area is represented by various hills, gorges, lowlands. A fairly diverse coastline is where bays, bays, sandy beaches are located, as well as steep cliffs that descend to the sea.

The second beyond the square is Rinka Island, where the mountain range of Doro Ora is located, as well as other elevations. In some places, the coastal part of the park is formed with the help of coral limestone.

As for the local climate, it is unique in its kind, because this area is considered the driest in this country. In summer, the indicators of thermohydrates are fixed at around + 40 C. In such a period, life on the island, as if freezing, in local animals comes the time of starvation, because they do not risk leaving their homes.

The most important attraction of Komodo Island, of course, is the Varans, who are called crocodiles or dragons in the area. These gromadin lizards have a large tail and are covered with hard scales. On the legs of these animals you can count five fingers, where the strongest claws are placed. The size of adult representatives of the Varans is from three to four meters, and the body weight reaches 150 kg.

The entire territory of Komodo Park is divided into zones. In the first are village settlements, as well as the entire tourist complex. The second is known as the territory of wildlife, where the pass of tourists is limited to groups, since the administration of the park is not able to bear full responsibility for the behavior of wild animals. The third, is not intended to visit, only maintenance personnel, as well as scientific researchers, can be here.

This wild Komodo natural park, the name « lost world » is so suitable, and there are reasons for this, the main of which is the location of the park - away from civilization, untouched nature, as well as the unusual population of – relict Komodo baranas.

Komodo National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.639759
Longitude: 119.577163


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