Tibidabo, a forested mountain 512 meters high, towers over Barcelona. The ancient Romans called it Eagle Mountain. The title translates as “I will give you” and is a quote from the Gospel. According to an ancient legend, it was with these words that the devil tried to tempt Christ, offering him the whole world.



Mount Tibidabo began to be developed only in the 19th century. Barcelona's elite built Art Nouveau mansions here. Until this time, there were no people willing to settle on the high hill, densely covered with vegetation.

On the top of Tibidabo, from 1902 to 1961, the Temple of the Sacred Heart was built in the neo-Gothic style, designed by Enrique Sanier. There used to be a monastery here. On the high dome of the cathedral stands a huge bronze statue of Jesus Christ. His arms are wide open, as if with his embrace he embraces the entire world around him, giving him forgiveness. Next to the temple there is an elevator that takes everyone to the observation deck. From its height, picturesque Barcelona reveals itself in all its glory.


Cable car

You can climb to the top of Mount Tibidabo by cable car. It was built in 1901. It was reconstructed twice - in 1922 and in 1958. Without stopping once, it lifts passengers to a height of 273 m, giving them the opportunity to admire an excellent panorama of the city. The funicular is part of a sightseeing route that starts in the city center with the blue tram.

TV tower

On Mount Tibidabo there is the Collserola television tower, whose height is 268 m. It was installed according to the design of the architect N. Foster in the 90s of the last century at the beginning of the Olympic Games. The tower is equipped with an excellent observation deck.

Amusement park

In 1899, an amusement park with an observation tower was built on the top of the mountain. Today it consists of 6 levels. Some attractions have been in service since the day they opened. There are more than 30 of them in total. Here you can swing on a swing that is more than 100 years old, ride on the back of a bear, feel the adrenaline on a roller coaster, and fly on a magic carpet.

You can easily get lost in the labyrinth of the House of Mirrors. In a haunted house, even the bravest hearts begin to beat faster. One of the first and most popular attractions is the Aviator. The red plane, a replica of the first plane to fly from Barcelona to Madrid, has been flying regularly over Barcelona for 90 years.

To this day, being one of the oldest European entertainment centers, the park is popular with both local residents and tourists. Several films were even filmed in the park.

The museum of mechanical toys is of particular interest. The exhibition of wind-up toys delights not only children, but also adults. One of these funny toys is the devils accompanying sinners to the Fiery Gehenna. In 1904, an observatory was built on the hill. Here you can order a romantic dinner under a scattering of stars.

CosmoCaixa Museum

Considered one of the best European science museums. On the 5 floors of the museum there are several halls and a wonderful planetarium. This is an interesting interactive museum where you can learn about new discoveries in natural sciences, conduct a scientific experiment with your own hands, wander through a section of the Amazon, and even get wet in a tropical downpour. Mount Tibidabo annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, and it is unlikely that anything will change in the future.

Tibidabo Tibidabo Tibidabo Tibidabo Tibidabo Tibidabo
Tibidabo - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.4225
Longitude: 2.118611


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