Crab Gorge

The Crab Gorge is located in Lazarevskoye, it received this name because the mountain stream flowing into the gorge attracted the attention of crabs. In Russia they say that their presence is a sure sign of the cleanliness of a villager living in Lazarevskoye. Since it is known that crustaceans are clean and choose their habitat carefully.

Crab Gorge

Brief description

Two popular trodden paths lead to the Crab Gorge: which one you will take in the end is, of course, up to you to decide. We must keep in mind that one is difficult, but the experience is more exciting, because the views are more amazing. In society, the “difficult” path was called “The Last Hero”. It is almost impossible to get lost - signs attached to the trees will direct you to Crab Gorge. The cascade of waterfalls looks especially beautiful. Excursions are paid, but the price is low and there are benefits.


Before a trip to Crab Gorge, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes: remember, this is not a trip where you can carefreely stroll along the sea promenade. Get ready: some sections of the Crab Gorge are completely off-road, and there are a lot of steep descents and ascents. You need to be prepared for the fact that you may encounter mosquitoes and ticks along the way.

Crab Gorge

You can get to Crab Gorge by bus No. 68, get off at the TVS stop. Next you need to walk to the Marka shopping center, and then about another 800 meters. If you go by train, you need the Lazarevskoye station. At this stop you need to take the bus and go to TVS.

Crab Gorge - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.932786
Longitude: 39.359212


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