Brief description of the country

Russia is the largest state in the world. The area exceeds 17 million square kilometers. More than 146 million people live here. Moscow the capital. The official language is Russian, but many people understand English. Almost all schools teach this foreign language.

Russia has a long history, rich cultural heritage and generous nature. There are beaches, mountains, steppes, forests, rivers, lakes and seas. In winter, in some regions, temperatures can drop to -40°C, and in summer it can be very hot. It is best to come to rest in summer, autumn or spring.

There are attractions in all regions. The borders of Russia are washed by 14 seas. The most popular resorts are located in the Krasnodar Territory and the North Caucasus. National cuisine is diverse. You can try cabbage soup, dumplings, porridge, pancakes, pies, kvass. You can order barbecue in almost every place.

There are about 25 thousand plant species in Russia. Foxes, hares, bears, saigas, wolves and other animals live here. There is a wide variety of birds that fly to warmer climes in winter.

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