Mallorca Island

The island of Mallorca is considered an international tourist Mecca. It is surrounded by picturesque bays, the color of the water varying from emerald to bright blue. The beaches of the island are covered with snow-white sand. Millions of tourists visit the island every year to enjoy the heavenly climate, colorful landscapes and swim in the gentle warm sea.

Mallorca Island

Center of gravity

All conditions have been created for holidaymakers in Mallorca. On the island, 6,250 hotels have opened their doors, from the simplest to the luxurious and fashionable, with their own beaches and unique cuisine.

The island is conventionally divided into 2 parts: guests from England vacation in the western part, and guests from Germany relax in the eastern part. The division occurred due to frequent conflicts between tourists from these countries. In addition to the Germans and English, tourists from all over the world vacation in Mallorca. The King of Spain also often chooses the island as a holiday destination. At the same time, he does not require special conditions: he can be seen having lunch in a restaurant where other vacationers are located nearby, he likes to walk along the embankment and streets, and traffic is not blocked.

Mallorca Island

Holidays on the island are not very expensive, so there are many students and young people here. The eastern part of the island is more picturesque and calm, the western part has vibrant nightlife.

The Pride of the Island

Mallorca makes wonderful wines and grows the best olives; almost 40% of the island is occupied by olive groves. One of the oldest Spanish railways runs through the entire island; it is over 150 years old. You can take a vintage train across the pass, admiring stunning views.

Bullfighting is traditionally held on the island. The main arena is located in the capital, Palma de Mallorca, and seats more than 12 thousand spectators. Quite a cruel sight - the bull always dies. Majorca was once visited by George Sand, W. Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Princess Diana, Brigitte Bardot and many other equally famous personalities.

Nudism is not illegal on the island; the largest and most beautiful nudist beach, Playa Trenc, is located here. You can also often find nudists on a regular beach. One of the largest oceanariums in Europe is of great interest. There are more than 8,000 marine specimens in 56 aquariums, and the coral collection is considered the best. Between the aquariums, visitors walk along transparent glass passages, which creates the illusion of being under water. Scientists conduct research in the aquarium.

In the famous Dragon cave complex there is a mysterious underground lake 200 m long. A delightful musical show is traditionally held on the lake - musicians sit in boats sailing on the lake, performing classical works. The entire space is filled with mesmerizing sounds.

Information for tourists

The island constantly hosts various holidays and festivals for any occasion. The atmosphere of eternal fun is transmitted to all vacationers. Mallorca is known for its magnificent golf courses, luxury yacht marinas, and professional tennis courts.

Lovers of active recreation will easily find entertainment. Sailing, diving, and surfing are well developed on the island. Here you can even fly on an airplane. A huge number of theme and water parks attract both children and adults.

Few people are indifferent to the historical past of Mallorca, which dates back 2.5 million years ago. Mysterious stone talaiots still cause discussions among historical experts. The whole world knows the slingers of Mallorca, who were hired by the armies of Mediterranean countries. Some scientists are sure that the name "Balearic" means "throwing stones."

The owners of the island changed many times - sometimes they were pirates, sometimes the Holy Roman Empire, Asding Vandals, Arabs, Europeans. Each era has left its mark on the island, leaving a rich historical heritage that tourists study with interest.

Mallorca Island Mallorca Island Mallorca Island Mallorca Island Mallorca Island Mallorca Island
Mallorca Island - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 39.616667
Longitude: 2.983333


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