33 waterfalls

33 waterfalls - an unusual mountain gorge in its beauty in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi. As the name clearly shows, the main attraction of the gorge is waterfalls, some up to ten meters high.

33 waterfalls

The Thirty Three Falls cascade is located on the Jegosh brook flowing into the Shah River. The creek, descending from the mountain, forms many waterfalls. Its length is approximately five hundred meters, but during this distance it overcomes 13 thresholds and 7 watercourses that form 33 waterfalls. The creek originates on the ridge from the spring, giving the name a creek. The stream flows through the oak grove, in which you can also see maples, alder, horns, ferns, colchid lions, Pontic needlework. Another attraction of the gorge, a tulip tree, over 700 years old, grows nearby. So few old tulip trees, and they can be counted on the fingers.

Waterfall Legend

Local residents will tell all tourists the beautiful Adygean legend of waterfalls. Once upon a time, many people involved in agriculture lived along the Shah River. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a cruel giant arose, destroying villages, people, crops and livestock. Then the inhabitants of the valley gathered, and began to ponder how to lime the giant. We decided to gather the most daring and strong men, and draw lots between them to find out who will go to battle. The lot fell to Guchu ( Iron ). He was the son of a blacksmith and a good hunter. He began to think how to destroy the giant, but never invented, then went to sleep. At night he dreamed of a grandfather, he advised him to put in places where the giant honey walks to anger the bees. In the morning, Guch did so. The giant saw a barrel of honey and immediately ate it, but he did not see how a swarm of bees gathered over it. They violently began to sting him, the giant ran uphill, breaking stone blocks and pulling the earth with his feet. He took 33 steps, but at the top of the mountain a young man was waiting for him and killed the giant with a powerful blow. He fell on a rock, breaking it into 2 parts, and from a crack in the wake of the giant, pure water flowed to the channel of the Shah River.

33 waterfalls

A visit to 33 waterfalls is part of the "Valley of Legends and Waterfalls" tour from Sochi is organized for this. The tour program also includes a visit to Ahintam Aul nearby. In the aul there is an ethnographic museum-estate, tables are set for guests, wine tasting is arranged, ancient rites and dances of the indigenous inhabitants of these places are shown - Adygeans.

33 waterfalls 33 waterfalls 33 waterfalls 33 waterfalls 33 waterfalls 33 waterfalls
33 waterfalls - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.83875
Longitude: 39.559361


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