Fisht is one of the most famous and beautiful mountains of the Caucasus 2868 meters high. In good weather, it is visible from Sochi, Armavir, Krasnodar, Slavyansk-on-Kubani.


The name of the peak translates as "white head". According to scientists, the mountain hundreds of millions of years ago was an island in the ancient ocean of Tethys. About this, the remains of the corals on top. In its structure, Fisht is a whip-up of limestone layers. Limestone is a rather fragile material, so there are many caves and funnels on the mountain. The most famous cave is the Soaring Bird, and the White Star cave chain is one of the deepest in Russia.

The mountains of Fisht, Psheha-Su and Oshten form the Fisht-Oshten massif. The mountains themselves are not named by chance, the local peoples have many legends about Mount Fisht, among them the legend of the hardworking and freedom-loving tribes that once lived here. Tribes were engaged in agriculture, hunting, during the holidays competed with each other by force. Once in Shapsugiya ( today Tuapsinsky district and Sochi ) an enemy landed and attacked the capsules, they immediately entered the battle, but there were a lot of enemies. Then they lit the signal lights and sent messengers for help, and they hid in the forests themselves. Tribes convened a council of elders on whom they decided to destroy the enemy, and Fishta, Oshten and Pshekho-Su were appointed as watercodes. Despite the fact that in terms of numbers their enemies exceeded them, they decided to give a fight in which almost everyone died. The enemy has already decided to celebrate the victory, but at that moment they were attacked by grandchildren and children of soldiers led by Nagaychuk, although they never fought, but, nevertheless, they were taught to hold weapons in their hands since childhood. The battle flared up with renewed vigor, but the enemy pressed them, then women the hot men came running to the rescue. Without expecting such a struggle, the enemies decided to retreat and sail back. Since then, the Oshten, Fisht, Psheha-Su and Nagaychuk mountains have symbolized the strength and unity of the mountain peoples.


On the slopes of the peak of Fisht is the source of the Pshekh and Shah River, between the Oshten and Fisht Mountains, the Belaya River begins. On the northern and eastern slopes are the Great and Small Fishtinsky Glacier. These beautiful views, as well as rare plants attract a lot of tourists and climbers, for whom several routes from the lungs to the very complex ones were laid.

Fisht Fisht Fisht Fisht Fisht Fisht
Fisht - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.953611
Longitude: 39.903056


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