Flores Island

Flores Island is an Indonesian island from the Lesser Sunda Islands group, this amazing place resembles the shape of a long-tailed fish. It was discovered in the 16th century and has been able to preserve its virgin nature to this day. Flores's large western neighbor is the island of Sumbawa, and the smaller islands of Komodo and Rinca are located closer. To the south is the island of Sumba, to the east is the island of Timor, and to the north of the island is the Flores Sea.

Flores Island

Features of Flores Island

First of all, this is a picturesque place. It was the abundance of vegetation that the island attracted discoverers; its area is more than 13.5 thousand square kilometers. After the volcanic eruption, three crater islands were formed in this place. Their uniqueness, which remains a mystery to scientists, is that from time to time the reservoirs change color.

According to the beliefs of the aborigines, of whom there are many on Flores Island, the spirits of ancestors live in the lakes. The color changes depending on their anger. It is believed that the lakes are saturated with soluble minerals and volcanic gases. The color change occurs due to chemical reactions. Another local attraction is the mirror cave. The fossilized remains of ancient turtles and fish have been preserved in it to this day. It got its name due to a unique optical phenomenon. At certain times, the sun's rays penetrate the cave in a special way, the reflection from the stones creates a mirror effect.

Flores Island

Entertainment on Flores Island

The island's infrastructure is quite developed, despite the lack of ATMs. In the tourist area there are restaurants, hotels of various levels with private beaches, bungalows, souvenir shops, and nightclubs. The island is mainly visited by lovers of beach holidays and diving. One of the features of the island is the pink beach; there are only seven of them on the globe.

The waters in these places are rich in flora and fauna, which is a boon for divers. Here you can see sea turtles and rare fish such as reef shark, sunfish, and hammerhead fish. Open boat trips allow you to enjoy picturesque sunsets.

One of the entertainments is climbing local volcanoes. There are several of them on Flores Island and the volcanoes remain weakly active. Exotic lovers can enjoy spa treatments in hot springs. There are hot and cold springs among the jungle. Not far from Flores is the island of Komodo. It is notable for its reserve, which is home to the descendants of dinosaurs - Komodo dragons. During the excursion you can see these rare representatives of the species from a boat and even feed them. Particularly brave tourists can go down to the shore.

The island of Flores is a place where you can spend time both actively and enjoying nature in solitude. After diving and exploring the surrounding area, you can enjoy the sunset on the beach and try seafood, which is the signature dish of the locals.

Flores Island Flores Island Flores Island Flores Island Flores Island Flores Island
Flores Island - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.616667
Longitude: 121.133333


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