Agur waterfalls

Agur waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural attractions of the Khostinsky district, located just 4 km from the Black Sea coast.

Agur waterfalls

Waterfalls are located on the Agura River, and there are 3 pieces in total, the height of which is 21, 23 and 30 meters. Waterfalls are located about half a kilometer apart and the most beautiful of them is the Lower, which is a cascade of 2 steps 18 and 12 meters. Falling water over the centuries has broken the rock under it, formed a deep pool with clean mountain water at the Lower Waterfall. Next follows the Middle and Upper Falls, and after passing their eyes, stunning in beauty Mount Ahun and Eagle Rocks will open, about which the locals have an interesting legend.

I think many people know the Greek myth of how the god Prometheus stole fire from Olympus and gave it to people, after which the desire for art and various crafts woke up in people. Upon learning of this, Zeus chained Prometheus to the rocks, and every day an eagle flew in and glued his liver. But, according to local residents, the eagle flew from the Eagle Rocks, and Prometheus was on the mountain, which is now named after him and there is a monument to him. Local believe that the Agura girl, who wore water to him every day, helped God survive. Upon learning of this, the Greek gods turned the girl into a river, and also, for some reason, punished her brother Agurchik, who is now an influx of the Agura River.

Agur waterfalls

For an excursion, it is better to take an experienced guide or at least comfortable shoes with you, since the terrain is very difficult and walking along the river you can get a serious injury. Agur waterfalls should not be visited in the summer, since in hot weather the water in the river practically dries and, unfortunately, only a thin stream remains from waterfalls. For the convenience of tourists, a barbecue is located near the waterfalls, where you can have a good bite to eat and drink delicious tea from mountain herbs.

Agur waterfalls Agur waterfalls Agur waterfalls Agur waterfalls Agur waterfalls Agur waterfalls
Agur waterfalls - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.5926856
Longitude: 39.7812971


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