Friendship tree

The Friendship Tree is an unusual museum in the city of Sochi, which is a prime example of friendship among the peoples of the world. To date, representatives of 167 states have vaccinated in the tree, and the number of vaccinations has exceeded 630.

Friendship tree

The history of the Friendship tree began in 1934 when the scientist F. M. Zorin planted a seedling of wild lemon to get new varieties of citrus fruits so that they could survive frost. During the experiment, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, kinkans, lemons were pressed to the tree. In total, more than 45 species of various citrus fruits. In 1940, the garden was visited by a famous professor and researcher of the North - O. Yu. Schmidt. As a keepsake, he pressed a tree. Years passed and a tradition of instilling wood with representatives of various countries, religions and professions appeared. In 1957, 3 doctors from Vietnam recommended calling this tree the Tree of Friendship. So slowly the tree reached such proportions that it was necessary to make a garden-museum of the Village of Friendship for it.

There were so many who wanted to instill a tree that they had to be allowed to vaccinate citizens of those countries who were not yet represented on the garden tree. The rest were allowed to instill neighboring trees. Today in this Friendship Garden there are 69 trees, and they have over 3000 vaccinations.

Friendship tree

In addition to vaccinations, visitors left gifts as a keepsake, as a result of them more than 7,000 pieces accumulated and something had to be done with them. In 1981, a museum was opened where gifts for the Friendship Tree are presented. Nowadays, the collection of gifts has exceeded 20,000 pieces, including photographs, souvenirs, coins, musical instruments, caskets with earth from different places. Visitors leave records for themselves and memory records, which in the garden are typed on 69 volumes.

Friendship tree Friendship tree Friendship tree Friendship tree Friendship tree Friendship tree
Friendship tree - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.567068
Longitude: 39.7452803


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