Sochi Sea Station

Sochi Sea Station is the main sea gate to the resort capital of Russia. Many of this station is known for the departure of the protagonist on a trip on a cruise ship in the movie Diamond Hand". This is reminiscent of a monument to the heroes of the film, erected nearby.

Sochi Sea Station

Sochi Sea Station began to be built on the orders of Stalin, and K. was appointed the chief architect. WITH. Alabyan. The main "southern gates of the country" should have looked appropriate, so the architects reacted to the construction with all responsibility. As a result, they built a complex in a huge tower, which is crowned by a spire. The station is made in style today called "Stalin Empire". The height of the tower is 74 meters and it consists of 3 tiers, above which are sculptures B. AND. Ingala. This sculptural composition symbolizes 4 sides of the world and the seasons. The spire is made of stainless steel and its height is 37.5 meters.

The station has a large waiting room, decorated with paintings, paintings, ceramics, cast-iron elements. Columns with majolica decorate the lobby, and on the floor you can see a colored mosaic. The area near the Sochi Sea Station is decorated with a park in which palm trees, cedars from the Himalayas, rose bushes, and a large fountain with a thicket diameter of 7 meters grow. In the center of the fountain there is a statue symbolizing Navigation, in its hand it holds a lice and a ship, and with the other hand it wishes good luck to the sailors, stopping the excitement of the water.

Sochi Sea Station

Sea Station has a convenient location in the city center. Tourists can quickly walk to the train station in 15 minutes. In the station building you can purchase a ticket for a pleasure boat, and from here you can sail to Batumi, Trabzon ( Turkey ), Gagra.

Sochi Sea Station Sochi Sea Station Sochi Sea Station Sochi Sea Station Sochi Sea Station Sochi Sea Station
Sochi Sea Station - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.580833
Longitude: 39.718611


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