National Park Vai

Vai National Park is located in Crete and is considered one of the most magnificent attractions of the Mediterranean Sea. Wai is the largest date grove in Crete. Another smaller beach is located in Preveli.

National Park Vai

The palm grove of Wai became popular after the settlement of his hippies, who were kicked out of their previous parking lot in the village of Matalu in the early 70s. During their stay, hippies turned the beach into a landfill. Fearing the destruction of the grove, the authorities in 1980 made the area protected and cleaned of garbage. Today, this grove is considered one of the most picturesque in Crete. The beach is assigned the Blue Flag of the European Union, meaning as a "Pain forest" and under special protection in accordance with Protocol 4 of the Barcelona Convention of Protected Areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach at the Wai grove was chosen by various species of birds that stop here for rest during the flight. Everything is arranged for relaxation: a large number of sun loungers, wooden paths so as not to burn your legs about hot sand, umbrellas for protection from the sun. On the edges there is a restaurant, cafe, toilet, showers. Well, of course, there was no water entertainment.

National Park Vai

It is better to come to the beach in the morning, until the sun warms heavily. The disadvantages include only the fact that the nearest hotel is 10 km away, so it is better to leave the beach before sunset, since the road is quite dangerous due to unfrozen serpentines.

National Park Vai National Park Vai National Park Vai National Park Vai National Park Vai National Park Vai
National Park Vai - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 35.255
Longitude: 26.264722


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