Reykjavik Town Hall

Reykjavik City Hall is located next to the city pond in the capital of Iceland. It houses the offices of the mayor of Reykjavik and a large 3D map of Iceland. The Town Hall is sometimes used for art exhibitions, special events or live music performances. It is known that the building was built in 1992 as a result of an international competition won by the architects of the Granda studio. It looks unusual and immediately attracts attention from society.

Reykjavik Town Hall

History of Reykjavik Town Hall

It is located in the city center. There are still a lot of controversial discussions surrounding this landmark. The main point of contention was the style in which Reykjavik City Hall was built. The bottom line is that there are a lot of houses made of wood in Reykjavik. Everyone contributes in their own way to ensure that the city retains its original atmosphere and uniqueness. Despite this, the authorities decided to dilute this wooden world with a concrete and glass structure, placing it in the very center of the capital. Town halls in European cities have an almost identical structure. As a rule, this is a magnificent baroque mansion or a strict palace in the classicist style. But, since now we are talking about Iceland, you don’t have to be surprised, because the country is associated with unusualness.

Features of Reykjavik Town Hall

For many years there has been talk about the need to build an administrative building in the capital. People moved from words to actions only in 1987, while the construction process of Reykjavik City Hall dragged on for 5 years. It wasn't until 1992 that Reykjavik City Hall opened and many were surprised by the uniqueness of the building. One of the oldest streets in Reykjavik, where every meter is built of a wooden house, has been replenished with a concrete facade, in which nothing can be read except rudeness.

Reykjavik Town Hall

The Reykjavik Town Hall building emphasizes the comfort and homeliness, modesty and elegance of the capital, which many have failed to do over the years. Exhibitions are often organized near the town hall and various events are held in honor of holidays. Behind the building is a monument dedicated to an unknown bureaucrat. This is a human figure, on top of which a bunch of affairs and worries have accumulated, placed in a huge boulder that hides the appearance of the man himself up to the waist.

Reykjavik Town Hall Reykjavik Town Hall
Reykjavik Town Hall - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 64.145833
Longitude: -21.942222


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