Serra da Capivara National Park

Brazil – a country of amazing natural attractions. But even in this unique state you can find absolutely amazing places, for example, the Serra da Capivara Nature Park. He will be famous for the picturesque canyons, from the beauty of which he breathes breathtaking even among sophisticated travelers, the only cave paintings made in the world made with blue colors, the secret of which is still not solved by scientists, an abundance of representatives of unusual flora and fauna.

Serra da Capivara National Park

Rock paintings

Initially, Serra da Capivara was planned as a national park designed to save the unique ecosystem of the Brazilian savannah. Caves were discovered quite by accident and immediately attracted the attention of archaeologists. Studies conducted in a unique underground city led to the conclusion that the first inhabitants of America appeared on the continent more than 50 thousand years ago ( earlier it was assumed that people did not come to this area earlier, than 13 thousand years ago ). Most of the cave paintings were so skillfully executed that initially art historians considered them to be quality imitations applied to the rocks in a much later period, but the examination proved, that the age of the paintings dates from 1.5 to 32 thousand years. Due to the dry climate « the picturesque canvases » have been preserved almost perfectly, telling the descendants of the first settlers about the life of primitive people.

Today, a unique open-air museum can provide more than 900 zones for inspection, introducing travelers to the habitats of ancient tribes, with the first tools of labor and life, clothes and jewelry of those times. Of course, it is impossible to get around all these historical sites within the framework of even a few trips, so the management of the Serra da Capivara park developed 14 tourist routes passing through the most interesting places of the park. These routes cover 64 of the most interesting archaeological sites, including Veadinhos Azuis ( Blue deer ), where unique blue cave paintings are located. Toka do Citiu do Mayo has the oldest ceramic items in America, about 9,000 years old.

Serra da Capivara National Park

Flora and fauna

Wildlife lovers will be able to appreciate the beauty of tropical forests and get to know their inhabitants better. The capuchins, « false vampires » ( represented by giant bats ), giant armadillos, rocky guinea pigs attract special attention of travelers. The biggest predator in Serra da Capivara Park is the jaguar. In total, 33 species of mammals, more than 200 species of birds, 24 species of bats are registered in the Serra da Capivara park. It is worth noting the apuchin monkeys living in the park, because they are the only ones of their kind who use wooden and stone tools to get food. They also use various objects for communication and threats.

The kingdom of flora is represented by serrado forests and unique candelabra cacti. All this green splendor covers flat plateaus and deep canyons, gracefully climbs on ancient rocks. Most shrubs dump foliage during drought, and plants almost completely disappear until the rains begin.

In 2018, the only Museum of Nature was opened in the park, providing an opportunity to become eyewitnesses to such large-scale events as the appearance of our common home or the onset of the Ice Age. Modern technologies make it possible to study the history of Brazil and the whole Earth using virtual reality glasses, the additional credibility of any excursion is given by light, sound and laser effects that immerse visitors in the distant past.

Serra da Capivara is open for visiting throughout the year, but June-December is recognized as the most pleasant inspection period.

Serra da Capivara National Park Serra da Capivara National Park Serra da Capivara National Park Serra da Capivara National Park Serra da Capivara National Park Serra da Capivara National Park
Serra da Capivara National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -8.666667
Longitude: -42.55


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