Brief description of the country

Iceland is an island nation. It occupies more than 100 thousand square kilometers. It is the most sparsely populated and at the same time the safest country. More than 376 thousand people live in it. Most people speak Icelandic. The school teaches Danish and English, the population speaks them fluently.

Due to the fact that Iceland is located near the Arctic Circle, the nights are white in summer and the northern lights can be seen in winter. The climate is cold maritime. In summer, the temperature ranges from +15 to +18°C, in winter the temperature is rarely below -10°C.

Many travelers come to the country for Lake Thingvadlavatn. It is popular among drivers and fishermen. Fans of extreme travel can descend into the mouth of the Trinukagigur volcano. It has been declared invalid. You can also see what a real glacier looks like, admire lakes and waterfalls. The whole family can go to national reserves and horse farms. The country has interesting museums. The cuisine is varied. There are many seafood, meat and sour milk dishes. Shark meat is considered a delicacy. For dessert, you can try rice pudding.

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