National Museum of Iceland

The National Museum of Iceland was created on February 24, 1863. The permanent exhibition of the capital's institution consists of approximately 2,000 items. The key object is the Walhofstadur door, a famous carving depicting a version of the legend of the lion knight, where the knight destroys the dragon, thus freeing the lion, who becomes his companion.

National Museum of Iceland

History of the National Museum of Iceland

The people of Iceland consider this place to be the epicenter of the interweaving of the Nordic saga with modern history. Considering the building from the point of view of the dimensions of the island, it really seems gigantic. The exhibition presented at the National Museum of Iceland tells the story of the history of the country's settlement by the very first people. The entire story, which is read in the exhibits, smoothly transitions to our days.

Thus, guests have the opportunity to touch the life of the “Ice Land” formed in the middle of the mighty ocean. All things considered, the National Museum of Iceland is highly recommended to add to your personal must-see list. After all, it is a real treasure chest of an amazing country.

National Museum of Iceland

What is recommended to see in the museum

The main exhibition represents the era of the settlement of Iceland. Its main artifacts are swords, treasures with silver, a bronze figure of the god Thor, and the Bible Gudbrandur, which was published in 1584. In addition to these artifacts, the National Museum of Iceland displays a door from the Valofsstadir church. The names themselves already attract visiting tourists to look into history and find out more about this country and its characteristics.

In addition to this exhibition, another one is presented. By visiting it, you will learn about the history of Iceland from the middle of the 17th century to the present day. If you look behind the screen of this story, you will see how the struggle of Icelanders with foreigners developed. It ended when the country gained independence in 1944. There, in the National Museum of Iceland, you can see national costumes, a traditional house (model shown), furniture elements, a fishing schooner, and silverware.

National Museum of Iceland National Museum of Iceland
National Museum of Iceland - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 64.141944
Longitude: -21.948056


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