Eltz Castle

Elz Castle is Germany's most picturesque castle. It was built in the 12th century in the middle of a forest on an towering rock at the foot of the river. Since the construction of the ownership, they belong to the aristocrats of Elz, and to this day it is the property of the descendants of the baron. For all time, the architectural monument has never been conquered, destroyed or fired, in our time there are initial interiors everywhere.

Eltz Castle

The castle was originally divided between the three Eltz brothers, all of them with a reasonable clan lived under the same roof of the palace. Each subsequent generation of the Elz family, for 5 centuries, expanded the premises of the palace according to its discretion and needs, as a result, an architectural creation of unusual beauty with features of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles was obtained.

The current owner of the Elz castle, on the account already the 33rd, has opened the entrance for visiting tourists, and money for visiting goes to maintain the castle in good condition. Only in the middle of the castle is it forbidden to photograph. As a museum, visitors are open from April to October. Sightseeing excursions with a duration of 40 minutes are held every day.

Eltz Castle

10 towers were erected in the Elz Palace, the highest of them reaches 42 meters in height. All the towers seem to be glued to each other, it is difficult to see where one ends and the second begins. The reinforced walls occupy a large area. The number of rooms in which members of a noble family lived is more than 100. The oldest of them is the PlatElz house, erected in a Romanesque style with a six-story residential tower.

All 10 residences have a full complex of buildings, with utility rooms, a kitchen, a bedroom, a main hall and a chapel. Today, all residences converge on the fourth floor.

The castle provides an overview of the collection of paintings, luxury goods, weapons, furniture – all of them gathered by former owners and passed into the inheritance from generation to generation. The walls are decorated with tapestries, art paintings by German painters of the Kranakh dynasty. About 40 fireplaces are equipped here. You can consider the weapons hall, the knight’s hall, medieval cuisine, the countess’s room, sleeping chambers with frescoes of very subtle work. Of particular value is the treasury of the castle, where more than 500 masterpieces of art are located.

The image of the Elz castle was depicted on a bill of 500 marks in the period 1960-1990.

Eltz Castle Eltz Castle Eltz Castle Eltz Castle Eltz Castle Eltz Castle
Eltz Castle - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 50.205
Longitude: 7.336667


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