Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral

The most famous architectural monument that belongs to Germany is located on Cathedral Hill, in the middle of Cologne. This beautiful Cologne Cathedral is a landmark of a world-class country that belongs to UNESCO lists.

The appearance of this structure is simply breathtaking, because its height reaches 157 meters in height. This medieval building is a symbol of Cologne and simply staggers with its grandeur. No photograph can convey the grandeur that this famous sacred building represents.

According to legend, Cologne Cathedral exists thanks to the devil himself. A local architect named Gerhard was unable to bring this model of the cathedral to life and turned to the devil himself for help. He, in turn, set conditions that would help the architect, but in exchange for his soul. The architect’s wife, who turned out to be an accidental witness to the conversation, decided to save him and at dawn, when the deal was to take place, was ahead of her beloved and in exchange for drawings gave her soul to the devil. But, given that the agreement was violated, the devil said that the city itself would develop until the construction of the Cologne Cathedral was completed.

By the way, when almost the whole city was destroyed during World War II, Cologne Cathedral survived. He served as a guide for military bomber pilots.

The first cathedral, which was located on this place, was erected around 313 with the introduction of the Christian faith in Europe. The second cathedral here, which was known as « Old Cathedral » burned down without leaving a trace. And only in 1248, the construction of this modern attraction began on this territory, which is a Gothic masterpiece. All the builders who took up this building adhered to the original layout.

In 1164, the remains of holy priests were sent to Köln Cathedral, from Milan shrines, and the cathedral itself served as their sarcophagus. Thanks to this, Cologne acquired a high status in Christianity.

Construction was suspended for a sufficiently long period of time and resumed only at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1880, all of Germany celebrated the end of the large construction of the majestic cathedral, which was visited by William I himself.

But this grandiose structure constantly requires investment. About 10 million euros are spent annually to support it.

This Cathedral of Cologne saves shrines, which include the relics of the Magi, which are placed in a casket with gilded and precious stones. There are also chapels that are luxuriously decorated. In the Cathedral of Cologne, the crucifixion of Christ is stored, which was presented by Archbishop Hero, the Milan Madonna, a statue of St. Christopher. You can get to the very top point of the cathedral by overcoming 509 steps.

Cologne Cathedral in Germany is very popular among tourists, because approximately 20,000 guests take it every year.

Cologne Cathedral - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 50.941111
Longitude: 6.956667


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