Sumatra Island

The island of Sumatra is a popular tourist destination; here everyone can find something to suit their taste. The territory exceeds 470,000 square kilometers, and the population is more than 50,000,000 people. The climate is mild and humid; in the jungle you can find a huge number of different plants, including unique ones. The same can be said about the animal world.

Sumatra Island


One of the main attractions of the Island of Sumatra is Lake Toba. This is one of the largest lakes in the world; there is an island on its surface. The history of the appearance of the lake is associated with a powerful volcanic eruption that occurred more than 75 thousand years ago. In the settlements near the lake, people engage in agriculture, growing rice, spices and coffee. Fishing is another activity that feeds the local population. Tourists from different parts of the world come to admire the lake and its surrounding nature.

Samosir is an island located on the surface of Lake Toba. There is everything for a comfortable stay. You can sunbathe peacefully on the beaches; for those who wish, you can go on a jungle tour and admire the monuments of ancient history and culture. Between the Island of Sumatra and Java there is an active volcano, Krakatoa, and excursions by boat and motorboat are regularly organized to it. During the excursion you can also see the islands formed after the eruption in 1883.

Sumatra Island

What else can you visit

Gunung Leser National Park, Bukit Barisan Setalan and Kerinci Seblat are UNESCO heritage sites. The parks are home to a huge number of representatives of the animal world. This place supports a population of unique Sumatran orangutans, and in the park you can also meet local tigers, Bengal cats, rhinoceroses, chamois, gibbons and many others. The flora is presented in great abundance; you can see the largest flower in the world - rafflesia and other species that grow only here.

In the city of Banda Aceh, tourists can visit the Baiturrahman Raya Mosque, which is not only a religious, but also an important historical site. Construction of the mosque began in 1022. Inside, it is decorated with marble, stained glass windows, and bronze chandeliers. It is noteworthy that during the severe tsunami in 2004, the mosque building was the only one to survive in the entire district.

Northern part of Sumatra Island

Here is the city of Medan, where the Great Mosque is located, the building of which was built by order of Sultan Maqmoon al Rashid in 1906. The building is known for its large area and rich decoration. Many believers come here during religious holidays.

Anyone who has been to the Island of Sumatra knows that Indonesia has complete freedom of religion and treats people of all faiths with respect, which is why there are many different buildings for religious purposes. Along with the mosque, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in Medan. Construction took four years and was completed in 2005. Inside the church is decorated with statues and paintings depicting biblical scenes. In front of the main entrance there is a beautiful garden dedicated to Pope John Paul II. A visit to the Island of Sumatra is an opportunity to communicate with the unique nature and touch the history and diverse culture of the Indonesian people.

Sumatra Island Sumatra Island Sumatra Island Sumatra Island Sumatra Island Sumatra Island
Sumatra Island - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -0.395556
Longitude: 101.777222


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