Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra - a large Roman city gate. Located in the city of Trier in southwestern Germany. This gate is a symbol of Rome, they depict the strength and rebelliousness of the Roman Empire.

Porta Nigra

Porta Nigra was built during the Roman Empire, around 180 AD. Where does such a strange name "Porta Nigra" (Black Gate) come from? From historical sources it is known that as a result of erosion, the Cornell sandstone darkened, from which, by the way, the structure was built, which is why it has such a name. Even in our time, one can observe holes in the gates, formed as a result of artificial creation, in order to obtain metal brackets and use them for other construction of structures. Like most buildings, they were reconstructed, by order of the authorities in the 11th century, they were turned into a two-domed church. Since only one tower was needed for the church, the second was demolished by order of the king.

Porta Nigra was part of a large wall that protected local residents from attacks by neighboring states. At the bottom of the gate you can see a lattice for protection. The construction was interesting. The blocks were connected with iron staples, and then attached to the wall with tin, because in those days cement was not used to build buildings. According to historical sources, the construction lasted for four years.

Porta Nigra

The church existed until it was captured by the French, and in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte gave the order to remove all church extensions and restore its former appearance, previously changed, by immured gates on the orders of Simon of Trier.

For tourists, it is important to remember that it is difficult to climb Porta Nigra, because you will need to climb to a height of more than 30 meters, but a huge plus is that you can see a beautiful view of the city of Trier from the upper tiers of the structure. For a special rebirth in those days, a gladiator fight is arranged for visitors inside the gate.

You may notice that there are towers on both sides, one higher than the other. Today, only a small part of the church outbuildings has been preserved, which was later rebuilt into a museum. I am very pleased with the fact that the gates were preserved in good condition, which were made by the Romans.

Porta Nigra Porta Nigra
Porta Nigra - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 49.759722
Longitude: 6.643889


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