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Elephantine Island belongs to Egypt and is located by the Nile River. It stretches close to 1.4 km. The closest settlement to the lake is Aswan.

Once, in antiquity, the island was the sanctuary of the patroness of the Nile - the goddess Satis. Nowadays, this temple complex can only be imagined, because in reality only some ruins remained from it. Since the island of Elephantina served as a place of worship for God the Num, there were traces of the temple, which was erected back in the 4th century BC. Also on the territory of Elephantine there is a necropolis where sacred rams were buried.

During the reign of the pharaohs, shopping centers were concentrated on Elephantina Island, the so-called customs point through which goods were imported and exported was also located here. It was from this place that various expeditions came out, including the military. Close 3 thousand years ago BC a huge fortress was erected here, which defended the southern side of Egypt.

Among the main attractions of Elephantina Island is « the » kilometer that was erected at Amenhotep III. Repeatedly carried out work on its reconstruction, but in our time it looks like it was originally. This is not a deep mine where you can go down straight to the Nile. « The » kilometer has special marks that show the same depth of the river in a given place. Thanks to this design, it was possible to determine the level of the flood in advance, although the Nile has long been famous for its spills, which fall on June from the 15th to the 18th. In this place, water usually rises from 6 to 8 meters.

On Elephantina Island, tourists can taste the museum, which is located in a remarkable colonial-style building. The museum's exhibits are both primitive tools and Greco-Roman mummies, which were found during excavations in Aswan. All are arranged in chronological order.

Elephantine - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 24.093333
Longitude: 32.891389


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