Karnak is an Egyptian village 2.5 km away. from the city of Luxor. At this point, once was the largest city in Ancient Egypt – Fiv, which was the center of religion and architecture. Karnak today – is a museum of long-standing buildings that is located in the open air. There are a lot of structures in this village, some of which are presented in a destroyed form, but even in ruins, there is an idea of the magnitude of these objects.


Each pharaoh who ruled on this earth from the 16th to the 11th centuries BC made his own adjustments, trying to perpetuate his name. Powerful columns, grand palaces, all kinds of obelisks, sculptures, halls, various figures, as well as a large number of sphinxes – all this beckons tourists around the world. But the most important attraction of Karnak is the temple of Amon Ra, which is considered the most enormous in the entire ancient world. Its components are ten huge columns, large halls, obelisks, convex sculptures in the walls that give us the opportunity to present the life of the ancient Egyptians. This temple is also famous for its huge hall, whose area is 5000 m2. It is surrounded by columns that reach the level of a modern eight-story house, and their width is amenable to the hug of only six adults. A 30-meter monolith made of granite, in the shape of a needle, was built by a female pharaoh named Hatshepsut, during the time of his government. In the middle of the temple comes calm and harmony is felt. The Temple of Amon Ra and the Luxor Temple on the banks of the Nile were connected when a multi-kilometer alley was held, at which religious events were held. This trail consists of numerical Sphinxes, some of which are preserved and represents exactly the same figures in the form of a lion with the head of a sacred animal – ram. This complex is also filled with smaller temples, which are closed to the public. This is the temple of Montoux, Mut, as well as Amenhotep IV.

In our times, magnificent paintings on the walls that were produced back in the New Kingdom have come. These drawings give us a clear idea of the life of the Egyptians, who are represented at work in workshops, as well as during funeral processes.


From the drawings on the walls in the Tutmos III Festive Hall, where images of saints were applied over the characters, we have an idea of the religion of those times. The fact is that in the 4th century AD e. the Christian faith in Egypt began to actively spread. At this time, pagan temples were destroyed and churches with the Christian religion were opened.

All Karnak was once charred by a large wall, which in our time is underground. Now there are actively excavations that tourists can see in reality. The village of Karnak, together with its temple of Amon Ra, today is one of the most visited places by tourists in Egypt. Guests have the opportunity to watch a laser show to the music, as well as listen to the story of ancient Egypt, buy a souvenir. All this deserves a lot of attention from travelers.

Karnak Karnak Karnak Karnak Karnak Karnak
Karnak - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 25.718611
Longitude: 32.6575


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