Bogor Botanical Gardens

In the city of Bogor, which belongs to Indonesia, the largest, as well as the oldest botanical garden, both this country and the whole world, is located. This wonderful Bogor Garden is located near the Salak volcano. His fame has long left the borders of Indonesia.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

The year of foundation of the garden is 1817, by order of the manager of the Netherlands East Indies. From the very beginning, the garden area was 47 hectares of land, and was adjacent to the governor's residence. The plants that are present in the Bogor Botanical Garden have increased at a fast pace. And already in 1923, 912 species of representatives of the plant world filled it.

The entire area of the park is divided into parts, so the central territory occupies 87 hectares of land and is the main one, but there are also branches of the garden that are located in remote areas of the island of Java and even the island of Bali.

Bogor Botanical Gardens

From the history of the Bogor Botanical Garden, it is known that during the earthquake in 1834, this entire territory, along with landscaping, was badly damaged. But all the losses, quite the same, were quickly restored, and the collection of collected natural exhibits even increased. All plants began to plant, given their birth. A little later, a library began to operate on the territory of the garden, where scientific work was collected, developed by research of local scientists. An exposition of herbarii is also opened here. In those days, ( 1891. ) in one of the branches of the garden opened its doors a biological laboratory, which is still working in our time.

When Indonesia gained independence, the name of the botanical garden sounds like a Center for the Study of Nature, and after as it is now known - the Bogor Botanical Garden.

In 1959, the botanical park opened its last fourth branch on the island of Bali. Its area is 159.4 hectares of land.

The collection of the botanical garden is very diverse, it is represented by close 14.5 thousand plants, among which 5839 of their varieties. Representatives of the plant world gathered over the years in different places of the Planet. Here is a huge variety of palm trees, succulents, bamboo, liana, saprotis, as well as an immense amount of other plants.

Tourists are attracted by unusual plants with moving roots, the birthplace of which is Pandanus. It simply fascinates the garden with its unsurpassed collection of charming orchids, which gathered 550 species.

Also, the Bogor Botanical Garden serves as the home of a plant with the largest flower on the entire Planet - Arnoldi Rafflesia.

The Bogorsky Botanical Garden – is an excellent place in the whole world, the beauty of which, indifferent, will not leave anyone.

Bogor Botanical Gardens Bogor Botanical Gardens Bogor Botanical Gardens Bogor Botanical Gardens Bogor Botanical Gardens Bogor Botanical Gardens
Bogor Botanical Gardens - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -6.6
Longitude: 106.8


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