Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs

The Zhujiang Nantian hot springs in Sanya have been used by local residents for thousands of years to improve their health. Today it is a comfortable place to relax and take care of yourself. Visiting the springs is a service that can be ordered from anywhere on the island, or you can buy an entrance ticket directly from the complex. Regular buses bring local residents and tourists from different countries here.

Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs

History of Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs

Thermal springs of volcanic origin are located in an open-air park. The water that comes into the baths from the depths of the earth is rich in a variety of minerals beneficial to the human body. There is a beautiful garden around the natural baths, in which everything is arranged so that guests here would be as comfortable as possible.

The improvement of the area surrounding the springs took place in the 80s of the last century. Until this time, only residents of the local settlement used this natural wealth. The natural baths of the Zhujiang Nantian hot springs have been improved, and in some places they have been tiled. They also did a lot of work on the surrounding area.

Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs

Description of Zhujiang Nantian hot springs

The complex includes 36 baths filled with hot and cold water. The spa staff adds various additives to the water every morning, which make bathing in the springs even more useful and interesting. Waterfalls cascading down the cliffs serve as natural sources of hydromassage. A large communal pool and a shallow bowl for children are open.

A bath with small nimble fish, thanks to which natural skin renewal occurs, is very popular in the Zhujiang Nantian hot springs. The administration of the complex offers various services, here you can take a towel, slippers and shower accessories for free. There are men's and women's locker rooms and showers. After swimming, you can walk around the complex, admire the local vegetation, and the sculptures and fountains installed here. The entrance ticket price includes a free massage for those interested. Also on the territory of the Zhujiang Nantian hot springs there is a cafe and restaurant, as well as a hotel where you can stay for several days.

Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs
Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 18.411583
Longitude: 109.72792


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