Devils Tower

The Devils Tower – is a very mysterious object that is generously endowed with legends, as well as diverse origin stories. This stone mountain took shape close, 200 million years ago in the United States in Wyoming. This unique tower has an impressive view and is close to 390 meters high, which is 2.5 times the size of the Cheops pyramid. The origin of the tower is often attributed to the devil's hands, which is what its name is associated with.

Devils Tower

The devil's tower is the first American stone monument to be located in the middle of wildlife on a flat territory. The mountain itself has the correct shape in the form of a tower with a cut top. Near this natural attraction, the Bell-Fursh river flows. The state territory itself is simply huge with a small population, which allowed to preserve nature in an almost pristine form.

The Devil's Tower has always attracted people to itself, but its occurrence has often been misleading. That is why, such an unusual natural attraction, has many legends that tell us about its birth. The most famous is the legend of seven beauties who are scared by a monstrous bear, climbed onto the tower, hoping to be saved. But the evil beast did not want to let them go and scratched the stone mountain with claws, so that still, get them. Then the girls began to ask the tower for it to grow and become inaccessible to the bear. And a miracle happened, the rock really began to grow, and reached the height that we are observing now. But the stubborn bear did not want to let the beauties go and stubbornly continued to scratch the stone tower with claws until the girls turned into a constellation and flew away. In this way, the Devil's Tower acquired a height of 390 meters, and its surface is scratched.

Devils Tower

This stone mountain kept the locals in fear for a very long time. Who got into her circle, tried to leave here faster. The peak itself, as they say, the sources repeatedly glowed in the dark. People who lived nearby called this mountain the Tower of Bad Gods. The name, which is now presented, was given by Colonel Richard Dodge back in 1875.

Now this tower has been studied far and wide, but still remains impregnable. For all the time she was conquered by two people, one of whom is a local climber, and the other – paratrooper, who successfully landed on a stone site, but with difficulty, a week later, got out of there.

Scientists give an explanation of the appearance of this unusual tower, the outpouring of volcanic rock. The balm, which is divided into tubular pillars, creates such a unique look.

After a detailed study of this attraction, films began to be shot here, its image appeared in magazines, in paintings and postage stamps. Even President Roosevelt himself became interested in the appearance of the Devil's Tower, who announced in 1906 her natural national monument to America.

Now the Devil's Tower is visited by many tourists. The mystery and long-standing legends associated with this place, as well as the unusual correct forms of natural attraction, lure them here.

You can get to the Devil's Tower with a car from the city of Rapid City, where it is easy to get by any provided form of transport, including by plane or train.

Devils Tower Devils Tower Devils Tower Devils Tower Devils Tower Devils Tower
Devils Tower - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.590278
Longitude: -104.715278


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