Crazy Horse Memorial

The Memorial of the Crazy Horse is a huge sculpture into which, with the help of human hands, the local rock has turned. This large memorial is located in South Dakota. He is dedicated to a very courageous and worthy Indian leader, in whose honor the sculpture is named. The frantic Horse, along with its Lakota tribe, until the last days fought against the American government, which stubbornly wanted to take away their lands.

Crazy Horse Memorial

This brave Indian leader named the Frantic Horse became famous in 1867, when there was a war between his tribe and European inhabitants who wanted to take the land from the local population. It was the leader who managed to group the hot people and direct them in the right direction. He personally took part in the most important battles and was never shot by an enemy. His morale, courage and strength – is the main weapon that he used, and which convinced the Lakota tribe of its power.

In the twentieth century, a talented architect Zyulkowski received an offer to build a huge statue of this brave Indian warrior in full growth. The craftsman worked on a stone masterpiece for at least 30 years, but he managed to complete only one head of the Frantic Horse. Work on this statue is underway today, but this does not prevent it from being popular among travelers. Local tourists also enjoy visiting the Indians Museum, located nearby.

Crazy Horse Memorial

The monument itself in the rock has dimensions of 195 meters wide and 172 meters – is its height. According to these indicators, the memorial surpasses the monument to the presidents on Mount Rushmore. The main reason for the incompleteness of work is the lack of finance, which mainly comes from local tourists, as well as volunteers.

It is a pity that the author of the project died, never having survived until the day when the planned sculpture would appear to be in full growth. Today, enthusiasts are engaged in this memorial.

Crazy Horse Memorial Crazy Horse Memorial Crazy Horse Memorial Crazy Horse Memorial Crazy Horse Memorial Crazy Horse Memorial
Crazy Horse Memorial - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 43.836789
Longitude: -103.624386


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